The C41 is a robust card reader with a steel housing and base. With its 1.5 m cable, it can also be used flexibly, from a reception area to a warehouse. The internal components of the C41 card reader are the same as those of the C25, so you can count on a fast and powerful card reader that works 'plug & play', suitable for smart cards as well as the Belgian identity card.

Drivers & apps

In order to be able to use our card readers, you first have to install 2 things, being the eID Software (Middleware) of the government and the drivers of the card reader. Underneath you will find a link to both.

Please note that these are not applications, therefore you won’t find any shortcuts after installation. Nevertheless when the installation of both the eID Software and the drivers has been successfully finished, you will be able to use your card reader on dedicated applications and websites.

The eID Software

You need to install this software when you would like to access government applications (My Minfin, Tax-on-web…) using your card reader/identity card.

eID Quickinstall

The drivers











* Normally the drivers are automatically installed by Windows Update

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