Pocketmate USB

The Pocketmate is a compact version of the ACR38 ID card-reader, currently the top-selling reader on the Belgian market. This design device is easy to open and is plugged directly into the USB port, similar to a standard USB stick. This means it takes up very little space and can easily be carried around – on a keyring, for instance.

Drivers & apps

The eID Software

eID Quickinstall

This software must be installed in order to work with the government applications (Minfin, taxonweb ...). Moreover, it must be run with each new installation of Windows or Mac OS X.

Instructions for the eID Quickinstall:

  • Do NOT connect the reader with the system
  • Install the software eID Quickinstall
  • Connect the reader to your computer when requested by the eID Quickinstall software
  • Insert  the eID card and wait until the system displays the personal data of the card
  • When data is shown, the reader is ok and you can safely log on the online applications of the government

The drivers












* Normally the drivers are automatically installed by Windows Update